How to drink water healthily?

Admin Last Updated: Jun 16, 2022

Many people know the importance of drinking enough, clean water, however, not everybody knows how to drink water healthily. Read the following tips and you will know how to stay hydrated and protect yourself from exposing to water contaminants. These contaminants are almost everywhere.

Don’t drink bottled water as far as possible

Although you can get some information from the bottle label, you also don’t know whether the water is pure or natural. In fact, some water sources have been seriously polluted, and bottled water may be only the packaged tap water. Tap water usually contains many contaminants. You can fill one of your bottles with filtered tap water, which is cleaner and healthier than drinking tap water directly.

Don’t drink tap water directly

As I mentioned above, due to many contaminants in tap water, it is not recommended to drink it directly, because water suppliers use disinfectants to purify water but these disinfectants are not removed completely. And our water pipes have been used for many years, and there are many contaminates in it, such as bacteria and viruses, rust etc. You can read the annual tap water quality report to get more information.

Filtered tap water: highly recommend, drink it and cook with it

After reading your water quality report, you will know the main contaminates in tap water, and then choose a filter which can effectively remove these contaminants found in the tap water. When you are looking for the right filter, you will find there so many types different functions, brands and prices. Carbon filters can effectively reduce common contaminants, such as lead, byproducts of the disinfection process. They are affordable but cannot remove many other types of contaminants. Reverse osmosis systems can remove many contaminants that carbon filters cannot do, such as arsenic, perchlorate etc. However, they are more expensive.

Change filters on a regular basis

Both carbon filters and reverse osmosis filters would be ineffective in a few months, so you should change your filters on a regular basis. Now many filters have indicators which can remind you when to change them. Old filters are dangerous, because there are many contaminants concentrated in them, like heavy metals, bacteria and so on.

Choose the right water container

If you want to store water safely, you should choose the right containers and keep them clean all the times. Some hard plastic bottles may leach bisphenol A which is a harmful chemical to our body. Try to choose glass and stainless steel or other BPA-free plastic bottles. Bottled water bottles are made of plastic, which can harbor bacteria and release plastic chemicals, therefore, avoid reusing them.

Drink clean and healthy water while pregnant

It is very important for women to stay hydrated with clean and healthy water. If you don’t how much water to drink, you can ask your doctor. Make sure to follow the tips above.

Use safe water for formula

Filtered water is ideal for your baby’s formula, because it is safe. If the water isn’t fluoridated, a carbon filter can do the job. Otherwise, you can choose a RO system to filter water. I highly recommend using a RO system to filter water, because there are many contaminates carbon filters cannot be reduced or removed.

Use a whole house water filter for extra protection of your respiratory system

You may inhale some VOCs while you are showering or washing dishes. To solve this problem, a whole house water filter can remove them and doesn’t allow them into your room, making you breathe easy and freely.

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