Essential bike tour packing list for long distance riding

Admin Last Updated: May 26, 2022

Are you intending to go out on a bike tour? Before doing that, you should have a checklist to make sure you have all things prepared, because such a essential list is essential and vital when you have a trip. First, you should consider what is needed to pack, what you already have and what you have to acquire. This list also tells you what you should avoid bringing, because these items are useless during the trip. And this list is perfect for people doing light touring, so some camping equipment is not included, like any camping gear.

1. Essential Bike Equipment

The following items can help you for your bike touring or for biking long distances over several days. For a biker, they are essential and useful.

  • Panniers – they are the bags on your bike, so you can store what you want to store.
  • Racks – panniers are mounted on them.
  • Camelbak – Water is very important. If there is a long way between water points, you really need a camelbak to store water. It is a lifesaver for you.
  • Tail light/headlight – They can help you see the road on the front and you can be seen by others when you need to ride at night.
  • Rain cape/jacket
  • Whistle and Matches  – in case of emergency
  • Bungie Cords helping you strapping down your stuff
  • Plastic shopping bags/ziplock bags you can store your wet and dirty items in them.
  • Pen/sharpie
  • Journal – to record something important
  • Book – for leisure reading when you are boring or at rainy days and at night

All the items are not larger, so it is not difficult to take them.

2. Bike Tools for repair

If we don’t have the basic tools for bike repair when our bike has a problem, it will be a nightmare. These items can help you do basic repairs. If you aren’t riding along, you can divide these tools among your partners.

  • Mini pump or Frame mounted pump
  • Spare tubes – If you have a long distance and time to ride, spare tubes are essential. Sometimes you need to change your broken tires yourself, because you cannot find any bike store in the open air.
  • Allen (or hex) wrenches and adjustable wrench
  • Rags for wiping hands
  • Leatherman tool which has pliers, knife and other useful tools
  • Duct tape – you can use it to patch the tires. A 6-ft (2 m) long duct tape wrapped around a pencil is nice.
  • Bike lock – a safety tool

3. Electronics/Gadgets

Some Electronics/Gadgets are also indispensable, because we need them. Nowadays, we are dependent on technology. The following tools can help us a lot.

  • Cell phone – we need phone to contact with the outside or partners at a critical moment.
  • Extra batteries/charger/phone cord – in case of Phones out of power
  • Gps device – to help you find the right way to forward

If you have an iPhone, it can serve as not only the cell phones but also the GPS and laptop. And you only need a portable power source which can charge your iPhone when the battery is dying. You can buy at least a 3000mAh portable charger.

Other items

Other items such as bike clothing, bike gloves, bike shoes are also needed to prepare. What’s more, some personal comfort/first aid is essential. These items include sunglasses, sunscreen, lip balm, band-aids for covering blisters and cuts, Hat/bandana/visor, high energy food, aspirin, motrin or other pain reliever etc.

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